Monday, March 12, 2012

Dairy Queen

This past Tuesday I had lunch at Dairy Queen.  This lunch started off no different than any lunch I have had at Dairy Queen.  I ordered my regular six piece chicken basket like I always do and then proceeded to find a booth.  I looked over at the booths along the wall and there was one open in between two booths, both occupied by an individuals in each.  I chose one in the middle where I was facing a middle aged man.  I was excited about possibly getting the chance just to talk.  This semester my Tuesdays consist of work from 8-12, meals on wheels from 12-12:45 and lunch from 12:45 to when I have class at 1:30.  So, I always enjoy relaxing for a bit before class eating in somewhere.

I sat down in the booth and made eye contact with the man in the booth in front of me.  He nodded politely and I returned the gesture.  I made small talk about the NBA season and some of the games the previous night.  He was wearing a work uniform, so I asked him about his work how it was going the stresses and so forth.  He then asked me about my job, and I told him I was currently a tax accountant.  The conversation to here had been very pleasant and easy going.  When I told him my current job the mood swiftly changed. 
He then asked me about filing an extension for his taxes.  The man then started to tell me that he and his wife had recently separated and was hoping to reconcile, but for the time being he was struggling.  I sat in silence and let everything sink in that he had told me.  I explained to him everything he needed to know about the extension process.  Then I got off tax planning.   I told him how sorry I was.  How I could see he was hurting and I could feel his pain.  I couldn’t tell if he was a believer at the time so I kept listening best I could.  I raised my hand and told him I can relate, not quite where he is in his stage of life, but a similar situation. 
I then proceeded to tell him about the engagement I once had.  How I felt when I lost her, how I still hurt without her, and how I’ve become stronger because of it all.  I then said the word that unites us all, God.  I really couldn’t tell if he was a believer, but when I said the name above all names we were connected even more.  We started then sharing about how our faith had been shaken so much, and the questions we had and still have now.  I was amazed at where the conversation went from a simple talk about the Miami Heat, to our lost loves, and then to our true love, God.  God unites us all so in so many ways, out of love, grief, and sorrow.  We kept talking and the time came for us both to get back to our lives.  Before he left, I prayed with him right there in Dairy Queen, standing up in front of everyone two broken men praying to God, crying out for healing, for answers, and just to feel the love we all so desire. 
We left with smiles and tears, it was great to hear his story and share mine as well.  For lent this year I gave up soda, and I took in praying for, I hate to use this word, but ‘enemies.’  I dedicate time every night to pray for the ones I have conflict with to use our conflicts to further my spiritual walk in any way.  (If you follow my life and/or blog you know who I’m getting at).  When I left Dairy Queen, I thanked God for the words, for the heart, and I thanked Him for Rebekah.  The one who had broken me, was allowing me to be closer to others.  Prayer is working in my life; God is working in my life.  I am definitely a work in progress.
I left feeling so fed, yet all six chicken pieces remained untouched.

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”