Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston and West

I watch it I feel it
Can’t escape it
I’m hurting every hour
Feeling pain for places I’ve never been

Boston and West I hurt for you all
Tragedy strikes, but life goes on
Even though people fall
Sympathy stops soon, no more calls from a phone

When the news stops, when the coverage is no more
The pain doesn’t stop, the pain grows more
Boston and West I hurt for you all
Please go slow, take time your wounds

Walk slowly with yourselves
The pain is here to stay
Like a brick in a pocket
Invite it here to stay

Bricks don’t go away
Pain doesn’t’ damper
Bricks don’t get lighter
You get stronger

It doesn’t get better
News gets worse
Tragedy strikes day after day
People forget the old and grieve the new

Bricks are multiplying
Hearts are declining
Pockets are getting heavier
But people are getting stronger

Boston and West I hurt for you all
News will stop covering,
Bricks won’t go away
Boston and West you are getting stronger

Monday, April 15, 2013

How He Loves

On a drive tonight, while listening to How He Loves I was reminded in times of crisis where hate always seems to be the first emotion to come out of me that he loves US.  Not just the kids who think we do the right things, but everyone.  Those who cause harm, those who seek peace, and those who have no clue. God loves US.  I have a hard time seeing evil in others.  I’m a big fan of giving people the benefit of the doubt, but when I see the terror that people can cause by using explosives purposefully to harm people I wonder, “Why does this person(s) even exist?”  I want to ask God where He is?  I don’t feel quite as bad questioning God when there are so many people involved.
For example, when I see CNN and Fox News agreeing about how bad an act is, and how so many people are injured.  I find it okay to ask God what’s up.  To ask Him, do you want to come down and intervene?  Want to come down and explain what happened?  When it’s just me hurting, I don’t feel like I demand that much attention that I can question God about what I’m going through.  I wonder what’s it like when someone who causes so much pain and destruction on earth faces God.  What that conversation is like?  Then, I worry about what He’s going to say to me for all of my wrongs.  Does it matter?  How will God’s grace effect our conversation one day?  Grace doesn't
 mean a clean memory, it means a clean soul. 
I realize defining God and putting Him into boxes of either saying He will or will not do one thing on another is quite dangerous.  After all, who can question His motives?  Surely, no one. 

So, where do we look when everyone is hurting?  I just keep looking up.  Yes, I’ll ask where He is but I know He’s right here.  He hasn't left us, He isn't going to leave us.  I think He hurts just as much as we do.  He feels when we feel.  How He Loves Us, Oh How He Loves Us.  Drown me in your grace Lord.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some of what I learned at Abilene Chrisitan

College has come and is gone, well almost.  A lot of people have asked me well what have you learned in your four years in college, more specifically at Abilene Christian.  Well, let me tell you exactly what I’ve learned as a student either during the years of 18-22 just growing up, or what ACU truly taught me.  I won’t separate the two, I’ll let you do the hard work.  So, here it goes.  What I learned at ACU:

·         How to balance a balance sheet
·         How to speak to an audience of 1000’s
·         That there will be days, where God doesn’t seem to exist, and to be okay with that
·         How to love homosexuals
·         Girls will take my heart to all-time highs, and all-time lows
·         To sing the same 10 contemporary songs, over and over again
·         To ask God questions that I didn’t learn in church
·         There are some people who inspired me the best I can be
·         There are some people who could get lost and I’d be okay with that
·         That that last statement is not right
·         Money is not why I’m a business major
·         I want my passion to be shared with a person, not just my career
·         When I tell God I want to show Him, He will give me the opportunity
·         You can have as many titles as you want, but if you don’t value people it doesn’t matter who you are
·         How to make a budget of $90,000 each semester for over 60 student groups
·         Expense reports
·         Tax returns
·         All kinds of tax returns
·         How to tell really bad jokes
·         I don’t like marketing
·         I don’t like science
·         That when I pray, it’s not my kingdom
·         God is shared
·         How to sign a lease
·         How to buy an engagement ring
·         How to return an engagement ring
·         How to love and hate at the same time
·         How to rely on others
·         To be real
·         Be open about being a Democrat
·         To know and love God deeper and deeper each day and know I will never have all the answers

Those are some of the things I learned at ACU.  What have/did you learn during your college years?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Summer I Need Your Help

            As most of you all know I will be heading to law school in the coming fall.  I have not quite made my decision, but have narrowed my list considerably.  One of the areas of law I’m most passionate about is family law, and I am looking for ways to get experience before law school learning all about family law.  This summer I have the opportunity to do just that!  I’ll be interning at CitySquare with the Family Legal Action Works department.  Interning here will be an excellent way for me to truly learn if this is something I want to get into.  I truly believe I am being called to family law in a number of ways.  While I had other options as far as work this summer I decided to choose CitySquare because of the mission and its service to individuals.  Here are a few things I’ll be doing this summer: 

•         Courthouse runs, including
o   Filing pleadings with the clerks
o   Getting hearings set
o   Getting needed signatures – clerks, judges
•         Assisting families filling out applications
•         Serving subpoenas
•         Picking up and delivering court documents
•         Tracking down factual information to go on with cases and

   I will also get to go the courthouse to observe hearings and assist in cases in small cases.  Every hour I spend doing these things frees up CitySquare’s legal assistants for other matters, which in turn frees up attorneys to work on their cases.

While this is a great opportunity for me, CitySquare is a non-profit and this internship will be unpaid.  As a graduating college student heading into law school in the fall, I am taking a leap of faith in working for free, but I know the rewards will be much more than any paycheck could provide. I know God has something special planned for me this summer.  I have never done this before, but I’m asking you if you are able and comfortable to partner up and support my summer internship this year.  First, by simply praying for me to have discernment and open eyes during this experience to see if this is something I can do for the rest of my life.  Second, if you are able to give financially to my summer internship to help with living expenses such as rent, utilities, food, and transportation cost.  As I said earlier this is an unpaid internship, but I know God will provide, He’s always been faithful.  If you wish to give, anything helps!

If you wish to give financially there are two options. 

1)  You can go to my paypal fundraising account and donate at the below link.  It is entirely secure, and all money will go to me to help with my living expenses. 

2)  If you are uncomfortable giving online, you can mail a check to me at:

Joseph Austin
ACU Box 26505
Abilene, Texas 79699

The donation will not be tax deductible and currently CitySquare does not have a process for funds to be sent directly there and distributed to myself. If you can give at all that would be awesome, but even if you can’t I appreciate you for taking the time to read about my summer plans.  

Here is a description of CitySquare’s Legal Action Works center:

CitySquare’s Legal Action Works (LAW) Center provides comprehensive legal services to low-income families who could not otherwise afford legal representation to handle family crises.  Approximately 80% of our cases are family law; of this, over 33% involve domestic violence.