Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm tired of comparing myself to you...

I graduate on Saturday and I’m still trying to let that feeling sink in.  There are many feelings going through me as I approach this day.  Many changes are going to happen, but I don’t quite know I feel in the present.  Isn’t change good?  After all, I did campaign with Mr. Obama on that exact word, change.  But, what does it mean?  Changing my surroundings, my comfort, my relationships, and exchanging them all for something completely new.  Even though, I know where I’m headed for possible three to four years, it doesn’t make the transition easier.
One of the things I haven’t enjoyed about this week is the exchanging of what you’re doing after graduation.  Not that I feel inadequate with my plans, but everyone is trying to top everyone in what they’re doing it feels like, and that’s not conversation I’ve enjoyed to say the least.  When one brags about getting a job, which is great do not get me wrong, it never stops there.  Well, what are you benefits?  Did you get a signing bonus?  Our lives are continually being motivated by choices, and it’s not really the choices we’ve made, but most of the time we are justifying what we do choose, by the options we pass up.  “Well I got into here and here, but I just wanted to go to X because of this.”
I’m tired of the one upping game, which I am a huge violator of.  If fact I’m the biggest violator of the one up game.  I just one upped myself talking about one upping.  It’s everywhere and the culture we are a part of does not only tolerate it, but encourages it.
Whatever you’re doing after graduation whether it’s living at home, going to live abroad, work at Ernst and Young go do it to the best of your ability. I hope you dream big, and don’t worry about what others think of you.  I hope you make change that most importantly you can believe in.  You see when I start comparing myself to what all my other colleagues are doing, my worth is not going to be worth anything.  My identity cannot be in beating others to the top of the pay scale, or leadership position. 

To quote Yann Martel in Life of Pie, “… I just want to love God.”

Dream and hope friends, dream and hope.