Monday, July 22, 2013

What I'm asking God this morning...

Questions I’m asking God…

When your son was up on that cross, how did you feel about the rest of the world?

If your grace surely is an ocean, how come so many don’t feel anything about you?

If I grew up in a land where your name is never preached, how would I come to know you?

Am I a Christian because of privilege where I grew up, because you knew I would follow you anywhere I was born?

Why do I feel so old, in a world that tells me I’m so young?

Am I doing more than just being a babysitter for these kids?

How come you created us all the same to be loved, but so different that we quarer

Why do I constantly find the need to compare myself to others?

When I ask you to show your love for me, why do you take so long to show it?

Why am I so ignorant to ignore your love?

How do I keep showing grace to others who failed so many time with addictive behaviors?

How do you keep showing grace to me when I fail so many times?

What does it mean to be a Christian attorney?

Will you show me how to keep my motives pure, to value people at all times in the field of law?

Why do we skip over the hard parts of the Bible?

Why do we fight over your words, and forget to just love people?

Do you want anyone to go to Hell?

If you’re so full of love why not send everyone to Heaven?

How can I reach more people?

Why did she give the ring back?

Why can’t people get past drugs?

When going to church, why does it feel so orderly and free of love?

If I want to open up, why does a church service seem like the last place I would ever do that at?

Are we doing things right?  Are we loving first, and asking questions last? 

Are we the father in the prodigal son, who opens his arms first and loves without asking questions?

Why can’t people see the power in your love?

Why can’t I see the power in your love at times?

What is my purpose here? 

Why did you give me such a good memory? 

Why did you give me such bad memories?

Why do you listen to me complain so much?

Why do you love us all so much?

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  1. It's encouraging that you're so honest with yourself and God! Awesome questions.. I have a bunch myself. Even as you seek, may you find! :)