Friday, July 5, 2013

Why I Love Despicable Me

I went to the dollar theatre to see Despicable Me for the third time; & I loved it even more this time!  First off it is hilarious and you laugh constantly throughout the movie.  2nd the story is awesome to me as well.  It pits Gru (the main character Steve Carell) and his yellow minions in an evil villain completion against Vector (the orange jumpsuit man) to see who can steal the biggest and baddest thing.  Gru comes up with a plan to steal the moon!  But, first he must get a shrink ray from Vector.  To get this Shrink Ray he adopts three girls who sell cookies to get inside of Vector’s layer and steal back the shrink ray.  The girls to Gru were just to help him get back the Shrink ray, but they end up changing his heart. 
Throughout the movie we see glimpses of how Gru was treated as a child and how his mother treated him.  She always discouraged him, never motivated him, and never showed affection or love.  So, when Gru gets these kids for his scheme he has no idea how to treat them or how to show affection.  But, the smallest of the kids, named Agnes, shows love and affection to Gru immediately and when this happens, Gru is bewildered, and has no idea how to return it.  That little girl kept on showing love and physical affection to her adopted dad and he finally understood what it meant to love and what goodness was.  The movie ends with Gru being a hero and saving the world,  All because of a little girls openness to love and show affection.  
In my life I haven’t had the best affection from my parents, just like Gru.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a good dad, I’m motivated so much in life when I have kids to be the best dad I can be.  Agnes also shows it doesn’t matter how big you are physically, but how big your hearts it.  She changes a man’s life and shows him kindness he has never felt before.  I love this movie, because anyone can be a great dad, even if they didn’t have great parents, and no matter how big you are your heart can change anyone.  It’s all about how much effort we put into loving someone. Love is being able to let go of everything on the outside that hinders us, and show your true emotions and feeling from the inside.  Love is the true motivation in life…

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