Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inside my 1L year: Why am I in law school?

            My first week of law school has come to a close and a sigh of relief and exhale can now commence. A lot of people around me, and myself have been saying,” We survived our first week of law school!”  It sounds neat to say.  I believe some people actually believed that during the first week a few 1L’s (1st year law students) would get sucked into a black hole in the library, or even worse open a contracts book and give up right there.  All of us, that I know of, have advanced past week one.  A week filled with staying at school from 7-5 reading and reading for Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Legal Practice. 
            Coming into law school I was in what I felt to be a good spot.  My summer, did not go as planned, but I ended up finishing it not at a law firm as intended, but at a summer camp where I really got back to who I was.  But I, and I’m sure a lot of kids my age, was questioning did I make the right choice in choosing law school.  I really wanted to go to seminary, to further my knowledge in the classroom in God’s word.  Challenging my faith with scripture, and deep questions that we all know as mere humans cannot answer.  But, as crazy as it sounds I believe I’m where I need to be. 
            An attorney during an orientation was talking about a story where he went to Target during his lunch break to grab a few things for the house.  He was dressed up in a suit, and an elderly woman stopped him and asked if the attorney was a preacher.  The woman added that she was in need of some prayers.  The attorney responded, “No mam, I’m a lawyer.”  To which the woman replied sympathetically, “Oh, you’re on the other team.”
            Stereotypes are there for a reason.  I’m hoping to break some stereotypes.  Ultimately, I believe that’s why I chose law.  My reasoning was quite simple, after all I was an accounting major.

            Go to seminary:     X  Minister     __ Attorney

            Go to law school:    X Minister     X Attorney

You, I, can be a minister in whatever context we want to be, or anywhere we end up.  Rick Lytle, Dean of ACU’s College of Business, said it best, “More people go to work than to church.” Another tidbit of wisdom I really enjoyed came from my Torts professor this past week when he was describing his career prior to teaching.  “Legal issues, after medical issues are some of the most serious troubles people will face.  You all will help these people one day.”

            Being a minister and an attorney is what I want to be.  Helping those going through difficult times, times of uncertainty, and showing empathy and compassion no matter where the conversation turns.  So, I’m here in law school to further my faith, to ask those questions about where is God’s love in legal battles, and broken up families, in crimes of hate, in disputes of contract, people need help.  So, I’m here in law school to learn about God in this world. 

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