Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Journey

The summer of 2013 can be described simply by, the journey.  What started as a summer geared towards increasing my knowledge in the field of law with an internship at a firm in Downtown Dallas gave me a lesson in the field of love.  Being surrounded by such Godly men and women serving at camp was such a blessing.  Pouring out for kids and seeing others deal with children, conflict, and of course the trials of love and hate were very fulfilling.  But, it’s over.  The weeks of singing songs, playing silly games and opening up with kids and each other is over.  Sure, there will be some of us who keep up with each other, but the intense community that so many of us enjoyed is over for the time being. We all go our separate ways to our different colleges, jobs, and homes where the fever of camp will soon wind down.  The highs we all felt, emotionally and spiritually soon too will die down. 
Love is a tricky thing that I walk from time to time.  It’s easy to love at times and hard to accept.  A quote I love from a recent book I read says,
"The leap of faith always means loving without expecting to be loved in return, giving without wanting to receive, inviting without hoping to be invited, holding without asking to be held.”  Henri Nouwen

With camp, with kids, you learn to live this out.  To love on kids who no doubt will never be consistent with how they show their emotions to you.  But, even we, even myself, are all guilty of seeking so much in return for how we think we do.  If only we desired little, the truth to contentment.  In my relationships I want to be acknowledged, I want to be loved back, invited out to dinner, held with compassion when need be, but life is not about reciprocation.  Which, I fail at time after time.  Life and love is about loving without expectations.  Jesus did this so well time and again. 
            I’m so thankful that God doesn’t treat me the way I treat Him.  Shallow in my thoughts, hungry for my power, and eager for the light.  I want too much, and desire the wrong in my life at times.  At camp I was without my phone, TV, power and position, but I was with so much love.  I choose love anytime and all the time.  Community and friends who seek after God so much want the best not for themselves, but for those they are serving that is what camp is all about.  Taking a leap of faith to show kids who a lot a time are without love is what it’s all about.  Camp is singing silly songs, getting pied in the face, and dunking kids in the water, it is about showing kids community.  Community that invites to laugh, cry, and experience the joys of this life, while learning to cope from the struggles.  Life is always a journey.

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